A Forthcoming Documentary on the Career of Edwin Lutyens

For the centenary of the Great War, Channel 4 has commissioned a 47-minute documentary for its Time-Team series – to be released on television in Spring 2014. Its presenter is Sir Tony Robinson.

Martin Lutyens was approached to give advice for the filming which will include New Delhi, Castle Drogo and some of Lutyens’s best known early houses. For Thiepval, Michael Barker was engaged at the behest of the Lutyens Trust to describe its importance as the major Memorial of the Great War. To illustrate just one example of the importance also of Lutyens’s cemeteries as evidence of his major role in the creation of superbly designed and landscaped and beautifully planted cemeteries – at their best in July 2013 – the team was led by Michael to film Serre Road No 2, one of the largest cemeteries after Etaples and architecturally significant. The time limit of this documentary means that it will inevitably be rather selective but given its ability to film aerial views by means of a mini-helicopter armed with a camera, there will be enthralling and unique footage.

The airing date and time will be posted on the Trust website when known.