Places Where One Can Stay in a Lutyens Building

Hotels, Guesthouses and Holiday Lets. Please mention the Trust’s website when booking.

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Lutyens Houses & Gardens Open to the Public

A county-by-county guide to properties that you can visit. Some properties in Ireland, France and India are also included.

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Gertrude Jekyll Garden Openings

Gardens connected with Gertrude Jekyll that you can visit.

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London Interiors That Can Be Visited

An area-by-area guide to where Lutyens interiors can be viewed in the course of business, by arrangement or for a entrance fee.

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London Exteriors Where Lutyens Work Can Be Seen

An area-by-area guide to where Lutyens exteriors can be viewed from public areas.

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To Plan a Tour of Lutyens Buildings

An area-by-area guide to planning tours of Lutyens buildings in Britain and abroad.

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