The Editor of our Newsletter

by Margaret Richardson

I would like to pay tribute to Clayre Percy who has just stepped down as the Editor of our Newsletter. For many years she has overseen the production of two to three newsletters a year, always managing to get them out with seemingly little fuss, always gently persuading us all to produce our copy as if there was all the time in the world. And she herself is an excellent writer which has greatly helped.

As the collection of newsletters has grown over the years, it has become an increasingly useful source of information on Lutyens and his world with its obituaries, reviews of books and events as well as Michael Hanson’s wonderfully detailed descriptions of properties on the market. The newsletters also form an important link with our own members and with the libraries and other organizations that receive them; consequently we owe a lot to Clayre for all she has done.

Millicent Sillince, who has helped Clayre for some years now, has kindly undertaken to become the next Editor – so we are in capable hands. Please contact her if you would like to contribute any ideas or information. (email: Clayre herself will continue as a Trustee with the particular role of running our Goddards week.

Margaret Richardson