Staircase Hall, Heathcote, Ilkley. Source: LT Archive © 2010 Anthony Bianco

Ten Years on Exhibition – An Update

By Andrew Barnett

The Trust’s web-based exhibition (at features 100 varied works and 190 images of works by Edwin Lutyens, and celebrates the enormous contribution of image donors to the Photographic Archive over the past 10 years.
Since its launch on January 1, 2014 the exhibition has attracted considerable interest worldwide, with more than 37,700 pages viewed. The greatest interest has been from the UK but there has also been considerable interest in India and in the US as well as in 61 other countries. In India, both Hindustan Times and the Indian Express have featured articles about the exhibition. Here is a link to the Indian Express article on 27 May: 

As a direct result of publicity about the Photographic Archive, two substantial donations of images have been received from the US with 2,000 given by Trust member Ben Hatherell and nearly 900 by the firm of Robert A M Stern Architects LLP, New York. The Trust is most grateful for their generosity.