Barry Sillince

Hands over Chairmanship of the Events Committee to Paul Waite

I want to pay tribute to Barry Sillince who has just stepped down as Chairman of our Events Committee after five years in the role. He must be known to all of you for his kindness and consideration as well as for the meticulous way he has planned and organised our events.

Barry joined the Trust Committee in 1998 with a special interest in developing and co-ordinating Trust events and soon after an Events Committee was formed in 1999. Immediately the Trust was able to develop a more extensive programme of visits, so much so that their popularity became a problem! Barry himself organised and led some of the best: his first our (I think) to Great Dixter, Wittersham and Great Maytham on a fine day in May 1998 was marvellous – with access to the Lutyens part of Dixter and to the interiors of Wittersham – all first for me. And, of course, under his Chairmanship we managed to get to Lambay!

Paul Waite has kindly undertaken to take over Barry’s role so we are in extremely good hands. And Barry, of course, will continue to help us as a Trustee – so this is not a farewell – but just thanks for all he has done.

John Entwistle is now Deputy Chairman of the Events Sub-Committee. Anyone who went on the Northumberland and Southern Scotland tour last summer will know how lucky we are to have him.

Margaret Richardson