Amesbury School, Hindhead, Surrey

Amesbury School, built as a school in 1903, was Lutyens’s first building in his ‘Wrenaissance’ style. At present the roof is being restored but, to bring the design alive, the school also want to restore a missing section of dentil cornice which runs around the building under the eaves. This will cost some £18,000 and as it is an option, the school has sought our help. The Trust has contributed £500 to the project.

If any of you would also like to help, please send your donation (made out to the Amesbury School Trust Ltd.) to Nigel Taylor, Headmaster, Amesbury School, Hazelgrove, Hindhead, Surrey GU23 6BL. If you would like to visit the building please contact Mrs. Linda Brown at the School (01428 604322)

[contact details correct at time of publishing – September 2003]