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Just noticed the flags on @LutyensTrust memorial in Northampton are painted! Was this originally painted? Imagine if ours were painted at Etaples and VB @SarahCamerlynck @DMaekelberg

#Architecture and the #Edwardian Era by Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin is now available to watch on #YouTube and our website! @Kent_Sch_Arch @UniKent LINK:

@HistoricEngland Edwin #Lutyens born #onthisday 1869 also built @LandmarkTrust @LutyensTrust treasured #Goddards #Surrey. We have free #opendays there 7 & 8 July 2018 - and anyone can stay there!


We are forever grateful to Sir Edwin Lutyens. @LutyensTrust These iconic flats are known around the world. It is heartbreaking that Westminster Council and @CityWestHomes has very little interest in their heritage or upkeep.

A small Lutyens designed cemetery; @CWGC Happy Valley, Fampoux tucked away along the long valley from Orange Hill

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