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New visitor centre shows huge task of finding and reburying World War dead

Spent the last 2 days discussing @CWGC cemetery design with @LutyensTrust Jeroen Geurst and Prof Mark Connelly. I still have an unbelievable amount still to learn & discovered some lost features. Hope it goes well this morning @AmyHarrison19 on the tour.


Unfortunately not open to the public, but a smile and asking nicely can get you a peek at this stunning staircase in The Ned Hotel, its name is from the architect; Edwin ‘Ned’ Lutyens.

It's one of London's top spiral staircases:

Castle Drogo: not only the last castle ever to be built in England, a first-class garden designed by Lutyens himself


‘Every garden scheme should have a backbone, a central idea
beautifully phrased. Every wall, path, stone and flower should have its
relationship to the central idea.’ Edwin Lutyens (@HestercombeGdns looking glorious today despite the rain showers)

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